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All new students need both a student waiver and a registration form completely filled out and turned in to participate!


We offer a wide variety of classes for aspiring gymnasts to attend. Depending upon age and skill level, gymnasts are placed into individual categories and classes. 

Parent Tot


Children, from walking ages to 3 years, attend a 45 min class with an adult. Children will begin to interact with other children and adults while learning fundamental gymnastics and motor skills with our exciting and fun-loving coaches.


Monthly Tuition  1/wk $38   2x/wk $52


Children from the ages of 3 to 5 years attend a fun filled 45 minute class to learn the pre-requisite skills for further gymnastics.


Monthly Tuition  1/wk $42  2x/wk $64


Children age 3-17 



More Information
Girls All Around

Girls, the ages of 5 and up are separated according to age and skill level into Girl's Level One, Two, & Three classes. These classes are 55 min and headed by our experienced coaches and learn the basic skills for the Floor, Vault, Balance Beam and Uneaven Bars events. With these events, girls learn rhythm and dance, strength, balance and agility. These non-competetive classes are aimed to improve health, lifestyle and give general instruction for women's gymnastics events. These girls have the ability to qualify for our Competetive Girl's Team.


Monthly Tuition  1/wk $51   2x/wk $81

  • Girls Level 1  (5-6 years old)

  • Girls Level 1 (7 and up)


Girls Level 2 

  • Girls Jr. High Level 1 & 2


Monthly Tuition  1/wk $81   2x/wk $126

  • Girls Level 3:  120 min class

Boys All Around

Boys, the ages of 5 and up are seperated according to age and skill level into Boy's Level One, Two, & Three classes. Coached by some of southeast Idaho's best men's coaches, boys learn the basic skills and routines for the men's gymnastics events. Boys levels one and two spend time on the Floor, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Vault and Still Rings events. Skills learned are strenth, speed, balance, and agility. The boy's non-competetive classes are designed to provide our students with the ability to qualify for our Competitive Boy's Team. Classes are 55 min classes.

Monthly Tuition  1/wk $51   2x/wk $81

  • Boys Level 1  (5-6 years old) 

  • Boys Level 1 (7 and up)

  • Boys Level 2 


Monthly Tuition  1/wk $81 2x/wk $126

  • Boys Level 3:  120 min class


Power Tumbling

Students from 1st grade to 8th, have the opportunity to participate in our excellent Powertumbling courses. Powertumbling students are seperated according to grade in school and skill level. These

co-ed classes provide the opportunity for boys and girls to interact and learn tumbling skills. Headed by our well qualified coaches, powertumbling classes focus on floor and trampoline skills. Classes are 55 min. Available class times:


Monthly Tuition  1/wk $51   2x/wk $81

  • Junior Tumbling Level 1 (grades 1-4) 

  • Junior Tumbling Level 2 (grades 1-4)

  • Senior Tumbling Level 1 (grades 5-12)

  • Senior Tumbling Level 2 (grages 5-12)

Currently looking for an instructor.  Let us know if are interested in a instructor position. 



Private Instruction


Due to special circumstances or desires, we offer private courses for all ages. The choice of coach and focus in class depends on the desires and circumstances of the student. To set up a private instruction course contact the front desk at (208) 359-3111. 

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